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H-King Composite North American P-51D MUSTANG 1200mm (47")

H-King Composite North American P-51D MUSTANG 1200mm (47")
Well, I just love warbirds, there are couple of them in my hangar, all of them are foam models.

When this nice airplane was announced , I just said to myself that I've got to have it.

To say the truth, it is not cheap plane, you need to purchase all electronics, ESC, servos, motor, propeller, battery and have your own radio and receiver. It comes with servoless retract gears which is nice surprise. But it surprised me how well built the model itself is.

Starting from the fuselage, which is made of composite material and painted extremely nice, with all possible details, over to wings and control surfaces. One minor issue is that on some spots on the wing you will need a little ironining, but that is no big deal.


Getting it ready for flight takes some time, at least 2-3 full afternoons of work if you want to do everything right. Installation of servos take time, because you have to prepare servo mo…

NTM Prop drive 35-48 1100 kv brushless motor from HobbyKing

Well, they announce this series as high quality brushless motors, and I had a couple of different types from NTM series with same issues.

This motor is very bad, don't buy it!!
I have used it for my H-King Composite North American P-51D MUSTANG 1200mm (47") and only did maiden flight with it. It has a lot of vibrations, and when I disassembled the motor I could see why.

Bearings are unmatched with the shaft and there is too much of free space between shaft and bearing itself.

Replaced it with TurnigyD3548/4 1100KV motor which performs excellent.

I noticed that other customers had similar issues with these motor series so my suggestion is to avoid them.

You can see on my video how it looks inside:

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Scratch build RC airplane tutorial - Part 4

Maiden flight

Well, there is not much to say about this, I was waiting for weather to calm down a little.
Finally, sun came out and I have prepared to record maiden flight.
It was a windy day, but this model can manage that.

I had great help from friend of mine who flies mini quad racers, and he recorded great video by chasing me in the air.

Enough talking, just watch the video.

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Scratch build RC airplane tutorial - Part 3

Scratch build RC airplane tutorial - Part 3 - Paint

I thought that Part 3 will be maiden flight, but weather in Croatia didn't allow me to go at the field and make one.
So I have decided to do a simple paint job on this model.
Maiden flight will come very soon since it is recorded yesterday , and I need some time to put it all together.

First, let's do the canopy. Cut canopy from template and transfer it to any type of self adhesive covering you gave. I had blue one that fits just nice. Make sure that you cut mirrored canopy for the right side the other side

Let's continue by marking parts that will be painted with masking tape.
I have decided that I will paint only leading edges of the wing, wingtips and vertical stabilizer tip.

The best result you can achieve is by using paint roller.
Paint used is water based red paint. You can use any water based paint for making your airplane look nice.
You will need 2 layers of paint. Since this is water based paint, it dries pretty…

Scratch build RC airplane tutorial - Part 2

Scratch build RC airplane tutorial - Part 2
Time to continue. First, sand the control surface edges to 45 degrees, both ailerons and elevators. If you don't like sanding, you can do that with sharp hobby knife.

Do the same 45 degree bevel on wing where control surfaces hinge. Sand the leading edge of the wing to round.

Now, you need to make a groove in the wing for wing spar.
Grove can be made with dremmel rotary tool or just by cutting the V shaped groove with your hobby knife.
For wing spar  best to use is carbon tube 4-5 mm diameter. If you can't find that, you can also use balsa square rod, or purchase plastic arrow at hunting and fishing shop and cut to size.

 Mix some 5 minute epoxy glue and fill the groove with it.

And finally put the spar in the groove.

Be sure that wing is on flat surface, use some wax paper to cover it and put flat weight on the wing. I use books, but you can use anything you like.

Finally, when glue cures after 30 minutes, add transparent packing t…

Scratch build RC airplane tutorial - Part 1

Scratch build RC airplane tutorial - Part 1
First, you have to decide which airplane you will build.
There are a lot of plans available on but since this is beginners guide, I have decided to build most simple plane, F-16 from Tomhe.
Plans can be downloaded from this LINK.

Plan is in PDF format, my suggestion is that you download full version, not tiled one, tiling will be made through Adobe reader during printin.
All you have to do is select "Print", select your printer, click on "Poster" and check "Cut marks".

When printed, prepare a hobby knife, metal ruler and some tape. You have to cut all printed papers where marked with Cut marks, and after that, connect all tiled papers into one big template.

It is now time to cut all the parts out of template. this takes some time, be patient and cut everything precisely.

When you cut all the parts, it is time to transfer them to depron boars. For this airplane, you will need 2 sheets of…