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FT Simple Scout Snoopy Edition

When I saw this plane on FliteTest page I have said to myself that I have to make one.

Awesome looking plane, just like some WWI fighters. And of course, I had to add something....

I am not an FPV guy, I prefer watching the plane while it flays.

Whole plane is made from white depron boards and it was finished quite fast, within 4 afternoons of easy work. Since I use white depron, I have multiple choices of painting this nice bird. This time I have used standard red covering film (non transparent) to cover the wings and almost whole fuselage.

Procedure on how to cover depron with standard covering film is explained in one of my previous articles.

As I have mentioned , I am not an FPV fan, and that space is great for adding a pilot. Which one should I choose ?

Friend of mine has borrowed me his 3D printer and decision was made. Snoopy. And of course, Snoopy needs a machine gun too. Vickers machine gun from WW1 suits him just fine.

Nose of the airplane was a bit ugly for me, so i had to…

HJ Digital Servo Tester/ESC Consistency Tester

Well, everyone in RC hobby needs one.
This one has 4 outputs and if you use Digital servos, 2 digital modes of operation (and one analogue of course).
So no matter if you are testing servos or ESCs, this handy device will help you determine issues with your equipment .

Link to product :